The following are a bunch of beginners electronic circuits. These require basic electronics knowledge and can be achieved by a beginner. Therefore these can be constructed  without any hassle. Most importantly, these circuits have a varied applicability. Besides, having fun while learning is what is required. Please feel free to browse through.


Beginners electronic circuits: Automatic Lamp

Automatic Lamp

The automatic twilight lamp is a very simple and fully solid state device. Instead of an electromagnetic relay, TRIAC have been used to switch the lamp automatically. The Schmitt trigger stage using two transistors that provides flicker less ON and OFF operation of the lamp.

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Beginners electronic circuits: Fan regulator

Fan Regulator

This is a fully solid state fan speed regulator suitable for any fan up to a load of 150 watts. Unlike the conventional resistor type fan regulator, it does not warm up and please note that it does not consume any additional electrical power. The control of fan speed provided by it is smoothly adjustable

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Beginners electronic circuits: Lamp dimmer

Time Dependent Lamp Dimmer

It is a completer solid state time dependent light dimmer that can be used with a 230V lamp load up to 150 Watts. This dimmer can be used in bedroom, theatre hall, or any auditorium to avoid the blinking of the eyes which occurs when bright lights are suddenly switched on.

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Electronic Circuits – Simplified