These are for all the experimenters out there. These circuits are for experimental purposes only and should not be considered for consumer production. Most importantly, these should be handled with extreme caution while manufacturing them. Therefore, these run the risk of seriously injuring someone.

Electrical Fencing System

We are describing an electrical pulse generator here that has been developed keeping in mind for pulsed electrical fencing. The electrical pick pulse voltage shall be around 1500 volts. Therefore the electrical pulsed shock is injurious but not fatal.

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Stun Gun

THE DEVICE STUN GUN IS NOT A TOY. It is being presented here for the educational and experimental purpose only. Nevertheless extreme precaution should have to be taken care into account as its output develops about 25,000 volts. The output is pulsed and not continuous. But it may effect serious pain in case of careless handling.

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Wireless FM Microphone

This is a battery operated Wireless FM Transmitter that can transmit the audio signal up to a range of 100 feet of any spot frequency within the FM band. The transmitter could be assembled on a small Printed Circuit Board approximately at size of 35mm X 45mm. The field strength of the radiated signal will not exceed 50μV / meter at a distance of 15 meters from the unit.

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Electronic Circuits – Simplified