These circuits are for people who treat electronics as a hobby. But most importantly, these circuits help to keep you in touch with your love, that’s electronics. This is why we keep mentioning these as electronics as a hobby. These circuits are for people who have the basic understanding. Besides having a fair amount of applicability, these circuits are fun to make. These are also for people who have deviated away from electronics. But still holds it close to their heart. Circuits like a “Remote Flash Unit”, a “Musical Sound Generator” are real fun to make and do carry some amount of credibility.

Remote Flash Unit

More or less every camera has its own flash unit as a built-in part. But the built-in flash unit is obviously very small and also the flash light will not cover a long distance. In this case, additional heavy duty flash unit/s are very much required for the proper photography.

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Musical Sound Generator

The Novel & Musical Sound Generator is one of the most interesting project for the hobbyist and/or young personnel. The types of musical sound generates with this project is very interesting. The specialty of this circuit is that a particular pattern of sound will never repeat itself.

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Electronic Circuits – Simplified