Musical Sound Generator

The Novel & Musical Sound Generator is one of the most interesting project for the hobbyist and/or young personnel. The types of musical sound generates with this project is very interesting. The specialty of this circuit is that a particular pattern of sound will never repeats with the slightest variation of the three potentiometers R7, R12 & R17.  The combinations and possible varieties of sound are quite remarkable and some of the sounds are like animals and machines.

The circuit comprises three multivibrator and all are working at different frequencies. These are supplied by a common positive supply rail and inclusion of a resistor R1 in the supply line that enables the three multivibrator to be coupled together.

As all the three multivibrator are working at the same time and they can have their own frequency of operation altered over a wide range by the setting of R7, R12 & R17. TR1 & Tr2 are producing a mid-range frequencies, TR3 & TR4 are producing high range frequencies and Tr5 & Tr6 are producing low-range of frequencies.

At the time of switching on of the circuit the circuit produces a combinations of three multivibrator sounds at a time and that would appear at the loudspeaker at a rate of approximately equal to the rate of third multivibrator. As a result the final sound will be much more interesting.   The produces sound could be adjusted at any possible combinations by using the three potentiometer.

Bill of material and Circuit Schematic

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