Transistorized Hi-Fi Amplifier (3 Watt)

The amplifier described here is placed for the learners / Beginners / Students. The 3-Watt Output power of this amplifier is sufficient for a standard or average sized room. The amplifier circuit described below uses six (06) silicon transistors. Since all these transistor stages are directly coupled it ensures excellent low frequency response. The use of silicon transistors provides greater stability to the amplifier and improves the high frequency response also.

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Sound Source Width Control

The Sound source width control has been used to control the width of the sound source in a stereophonic audio system that can varied continuously. Part of the signal voltage of the one channel is added to the second channel. One 10K LIN Ganged potentiometer are used to control the sound source width continuously between in-phase crosstalk of about 100% (corresponding to mono operation) and anti-phase crosstalk of 23%.

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Electronic Circuits – Simplified