Sound Source Width Control

The Sound source width control has been used to control the width of the sound source in a stereophonic audio system that can varied continuously. Part of the signal voltage of the one channel is added to the second channel. One 10K LIN Ganged potentiometer are used to control the sound source width continuously between in-phase crosstalk of about 100% (corresponding to mono operation) and anti-phase crosstalk of 23%. Greater anti-phase crosstalk is not necessary since the sound impression will fall apart for greater values. One 5K preset resistance is used to balance the two channels. The voltage gain of the circuit is about 0.5% to 0.6%. The input impedance shall be about 700 ohms and the output impedance shall be approximately 50 ohms. The frequency response of the circuit shall be about 20Hz to 20 KHz in -3dB points. Please find the total distortion of the circuit as a function of output voltage.

Bill of material and Circuit Schematic

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